Comic Sequels To Batman ’89 & Superman ’78 Are On The Way.

Michael Keaton was the best Batman and Christopher Reeves was the best Superman. These are facts and please don’t @ me.

It’s widely known Keaton will tell anyone who cares to listen that he is the one and only Batman, (I agree), and following on from the surprising announcement that Keaton will reprise the role of the Dark Knight in the forthcoming DC Flash movie we now have news that Sam Hamm, the screenwriter of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman movie, has been busy scribbling a sequel graphic novel to the film.

Details of the plot are unknown but the comic will pick up where the movie ended, with Keaton’s version of Batman filling out that iconic late 80’s suit and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman returning to crack whips and stitch together latex.

Accompanying the Caped Crusader in sequel print form will be the Man Of Steel as Superman ’78 continues with Christopher Reeve’s iconic take on the son of Jor-El. Like the Batman graphic novel this will also be a straight sequel to the Richard Donner directed big-screen adaptation. The plot will apparently pick-up right where the movie left off with California being saved by Superman from Lex Luthor’s attempt to nuke it out of existence.

Both sequel comics are expected to debut digitally on July 27, with printed versions coming later in the summer.

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