Kevin Smith Advises He-Man Reboot Critics To ‘Grow Up’.

Middle aged fanboys are raging about another cartoon series. This time it’s He-Man’s turn.

This week, in response to growing man-child criticism of the recently rebooted He-Man cartoon series, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation, film director and series producer/writer Kevin Smith addressed fanboy concerns by telling them to ‘grow up’. Apparently their entitled noses were out of joint because their beloved He-Man didn’t get as much air time on the re-booted series, currently streaming on Netflix, as the female character Teela.

Look if a guy who has spent the vast majority of his time and career making dick and fart jokes is demanding that you ‘grow up’ then you may have issues. While critics heaped praise on the new series giving it an average Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% it was the audience ratings which signalled disquiet amongst die-hard He-Man fanboys with a 47% rating. The main essence of their gripe was the cartoon had too many women too much of the time and not enough scantily-clad buff males, (such a weird dichotomy).

Critics of the series, (who are mainly found on Twitter with handles such as ‘Dingus’ and ‘Peter 1777896’), claimed Kevin Smith lied to fans when he told them his reboot was going to be a straight continuation of the 80s cartoon, which aired it’s last episode in 1985. That’s right, Smith is being hounded by grown middle-aged men, (lets face it no women are involved in this spat), who feel aggrieved that the continuation of a cartoon they watched 35 fucking years ago isn’t exactly what they expected it to be.

Nothing is exactly what you expect it to be 35 years later, just ask your parents.

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