Jackass Forever Trailer Is Full Of Broken Teeth and Concussions.

The Jackass 4 trailer has dropped like an unconscious 49 year-old after riding his bike into a brick wall…with no helmet…and a rocket strapped to his back.

This October prepare to watch a group of quadragenarians wreck their already battered bodies for guffaws as they lose teeth, consciousness and valuable years off their life expectancy as they indulge in some seriously dangerous stunts.

Yes, Johnny Knoxville and Co are back, (probably for the last time), with a fourth full Jackass movie crammed with stunts and death defying capers. The original gang are missing three members however, Ryan Dunn who was tragically killed in a car accident in 2011, comedian Rip Taylor who passed away in 2019 and Jackass co-founder Bam Margera, who was fired from the production earlier this year with director Jeff Tremaine taking out a three year restraining order against Margera for allegedly sending his family death threats.

Judging from the trailer the film will once more consist of equal parts wincing pain and vomit inducing disgust. Which is the perfect mix for a box office smash these days.

Jackass Forever is scheduled for release on October 22nd.

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