Plot Details Emerge For Disney’s Alien Reboot.

An Alien reboot is on the way…from Disney…without Ridley Scott’s input…without Ellen Ripley.

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If you’re a fan of Alien its probably best to put down any food or drink you might have before you read this article, to avoid the possibilty of rage choking.

When the souless, corporate juggernaught Disney aquired the rights to Fox, from the clutches of an ancient, Australian lies Baron, they inherited all intellectual property under the Fox banner, including the entire Alien franchise.

Not content with sitting on the property for a while Disney got to work on planning an immediate reboot of the franchise by ignoring the last installment, 2017’s Alien: Covenant, and rejecting Ridley Scott’s script for a reboot, citing it as ‘too convoluted‘ for the direction they wanted the franchise to go.

Apparently Disney have hired some unknown writers to deliver a more pleasing reboot script for the Mouse House and so far, according to the Daily Hashtag Show, details of this fresh direction are bound to upset die-hard Alien fans. The general breakdown of the plot deals with a ‘Mary Elizabeth Winstead type‘ replacing Sigourney Weaver’s iconic character Ellen Ripley, (who will not feature in any aspect of this reboot), on board a ship full of ‘colonists‘ searching for a new, undiscovered, habitable planet.

Now here come the heavy spoliers because according to the Daily Hashtag Show their source details the main crux of the plot centring around the hatching of alien eggs onboard this ship, (no information on why they were there to begin with), and carnage ensues only this time the main protagonist captures a facehugger, incubates it, rears it herself until it’s a fully grown adult loyal to it’s human master. This apparent human/alien bond is the basis of the birth of a ‘good Xenomorph‘, which obeys only the main protagonist, paving the way for a dramatic, Micheal Bayesque, end-of-movie boss battle where the human reared good alien battles with bad, non-human reared alien.

The plot leak goes further, detailing exactly how the movie ends so if you enjoy torture then head on over to the Daily Hashtag Show for all the juicy details.

This sounds like a terrible premise for a reboot, if Disney rejected Ridley Scott’s script for being ‘too convoluted‘ then it appears they are gunning for a far more juvenile, asinine approach and with Disney’s long-term plan being a new Alien film every year, it really does smack of desperation to quickly turn this beloved sci-fi franchise into a more widely acessable movie universe, for all bloated cash cow.

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