Brolin Gets Blessing For Oldboy Remake.

Josh Brolin asked Oldboy director Chan-Wook Park for his blessing to partake in a remake of his cult classic movie. Spike Lee is set to direct an American version of Old Boy which retains the original plot of a kidnapping victim looking for answers after being held prisoner for fifteen years. District 9’s Sharlto Copely is slated to play the villain in the remake.
Speaking to Total Film magazine, Brolin said: ‘I wrote an email to Park, who I really love, when I tried to get him to direct (action film) Jonah Hex. He almost did it, and when I let him go, I was like, ‘If you’re not completely into this, then we’ll find something else to do together.’ Then I said, ‘I want your blessing to do OldBoy’ He wrote back this beautiful letter and it said, ‘I love remakes and I think it’s great, just don’t do it exactly like we did.’

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