Bourne 5 Gets A Release Date.

Still feeling bloated and gassy after your viewing of The Bourne Legacy, well grab yourself some peppermint tea and get ready to clean yourself out for yet another helping of the spy franchise.

Following the success of the fourth Bourne movie, which replaced it’s lead of Matt Damon with Jeremy Renner, Universal have now confirmed that Bourne 5 will be released on August 5th 2015 with Renner returning as Aaron Cross and director Justin Lin, (the director of three Fast & Furious movies), will be behind the camera.

Personally speaking I feel this is pretty much the death knell for the series and any hope fans had of Damon reprising his role as Jason Bourne are now pretty much buried. Also, taking nothing away from the talents of Lin, for me at least, his involvement looks like a definite further dilution of the once great franchise.

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