Naked Gun Reboot With Ed Helms.

Sweet mother of pearl! Hollywood is proudly crowing about how somebody in an expensive suit thought it would be a good idea to take a beloved comedy franchise and remake it for today’s audience, with an actor who starred in all three Hangover movies. Excuse me a second. Variety recently posted up this failure pile of information: Detective Frank Drebin is coming back with Ed Helms on board to portray Leslie Nielsen’s character in Paramount’s reboot of “The Naked Gun” comedy franchise. The studio has tapped the scripting team of Thomas Lennon and R. Ben Garant — best known for the “Night at the Museum” and “Reno 911″ franchises, to write the screenplay as a new spin on the Drebin character.  Night of the f**king Museum? This idea positively reeks of Steve Martin’s flaccid attempt to revive the Pink Panther franchise it didn’t work because there was and will only ever be one Inspector Clouseau as there will only ever be one Frank Drebin. Somebody stop this madness. Stop it, I beg of you.

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