Mike Basset Sequel? Anyone? Anyone?

Famed UK character actor Ricky Tomlinson has recently confirmed that he will reprise his role as hapless football, (soccer, for all our international readers), manager Mike Basset in a sequel to the 2001 British comedy Mike Basset: England Manager.

The sequel will be titled Mike Basset: Interim Manager and the plot of the movie will apparently deal with Basset being drafted in to the England camp to serve as assistant manager to a newly appointed German coach Jorgen Mannstein. Of course the scope here for 70’s based xenophobic, ‘don’t mention ze war‘, British based humour is endless…if that’s what rocks your U-boat.

For a low budget movie the original managed to rake in £3.5m in box office receipts but that was nearly 15 years ago and although it made a profit, critics gave it mediocre ratings.

Mike Basset: Interim Manager will start shooting later this year.

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