Goonies Director Says There Will Be A Sequel.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ has an exclusive interview with director Richard Donner, (by exclusive interview I mean he had a camera shoved in his face as he was trying to leave a car park),who surprisingly announced that a Goonies sequel is in the pipeline.

You can watch the short interview in the video above where Donner also answers a question about the possibility of some the original cast returning for the sequel by stating that hopefully they all will.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve been down this cobweb covered secret tunnel since the original was released in the 80’s there have been all sorts of hopeful rumours of a follow-up. At one point there was even a script involving the daughters and sons of the original Goonies embarking on another thrill ride adventure. Let’s forget all of that for just now and revel in the possibility of a Donner/Spielberg sequel. Make it happen guys, we’ve waited far too long.






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