Uncertainty for Ghostbusters 3 As Lego Duo Walk From Project.


Last month on SPR&R we reported that directing duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller were in talks to take over the proposed Ghostbusters 3 reboot project, fresh from their amazing success with The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street. The news seemed confident and fans of the franchise accepted this development with enthusiasm after all if the pair could make an difficult concept like a Lego Movie work then Ghostbusters 3 would be as easy as symmetrical book stacking.

Well a lot can change in a month in Hollywood as it seems Lord and Miller have now both walked from the sequel citing that they want to keep their options open. Their departure places Sony in a tight spot as the pair were the preferred choice for the job and with Ivan Reitman, who directed the first two movies, already ruling himself out of the director’s chair, following the death of Harold Ramis, the project has once more been plunged into uncertainty.

As far as we know the movie is still slated to go before cameras in early 2015 and a script written by Ethan Cohen is the one the film will follow. Time will tell if a replacement for the project can now be found.



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