CHiPs Reboot Set For Big Screen.

Continuing to mine the 70s and 80s for properties worth rebooting Hollywood has come up trumps with a prime pick of turning CHiPs, a series about two motorcycle cops in California, into a big budget movie.

The reboot of the much-loved series, which starred Erik Estrada as testosterone fuelled Officer Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and Larry Wilcox as his strait-laced partner Officer Jonathan “Jon” Baker, is being handed over to Dax Shepard, (Without A Paddle, Zathura), who it’s understood will write the script and take directorial duties over the movie for Warner Bros. Shepard will also star in the movie fleshing out the role of Jon while Michael Peña, (World Trade Center, Observe And Report), will take on the role of Ponch.

If all of the writing, directing and acting wasn’t enough for Shepard the star has announced that he intends to be doing all his own stunt work as he’s a professional bike racer out with his Hollywood career. So expect plenty of motorbike and vehicle based shenanigans.

(via Deadline)

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