The Escape From NY Remake Might Now Be A Trilogy.


It’s very difficult to drum up the motivation to write this piece but I’ll try. I’ll give it my best shot.

For some time now there have been Hollywood rumblings of an Escape From New York remake, a film which starred Kurt Russell as the cult character Sanke Plissken and was directed by John Carpenter, but nothing has ever been set in motion, until now. Apparently producer Joel Silver has picked the project up and has a ‘unique’ plan to turn the remake into some sort of trilogy.

How will this work? Who really gives a shit, (sorry, I did try). The mere fact they are remaking this classic immediately knocks the plug of my enthusiasm machine out of its socket. The rumour is Snake will spend each of the three films paired with characters he met in the original movie. That’s right, the infamous anti-hero who is noted for working alone and with no-one else is now automatically partner orientated.

It seems obvious that this ludicrous plan will not involve Carpenter or Russell and will be studio driven as per.


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