Title & Teaser Image For New Predator Movie.



The publicity machine for the fourth Predator film, (if you forget about the two hideous AvP films), has started turning it’s gears with the release of a teaser image for the movie and an official title.

Fox recently uploaded the above image to the official Predator Facebook page, with the wording: ‘You’ll never see him coming’. The latest instalment of the sci-fi franchise will be helmed by director Shane Black, (Iron Man 3, Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang!) and will be titled simply The Predator. Speculation about the project is rife with many predicting a simpler, less convoluted plot line, taking the story back to it’s jungle roots, with just one Predator at the core of the movie.

An interesting element of this fourth film is that director Black starred in the original and knows only too well about the mechanics of how that film succeeded. He’s been working on the script with fellow writer Fred Dekker for the last two years and recently stated exactly where this movie will fit into the franchise. He explained:

“It’s an inventive sequel…as far as Fred and I are concerned, why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine? I like the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.”


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