Kingsman Prequel And Sequel In The Works.

According to various internet sources the next installment of the Kingsman franchise will be a prequel, set decades before the original movie and will be directed by Matthew Vaughn.

Filming is scheduled to begin in London at the beginning of 2019 and although little is known about the actual plot some leaks suggest it’s based on the origins of the tailor’s shop through the ages. I immediately thought of an Assassin’s Creed vibe, with the story shifting through the ages as the Kingsman’s tailor’s shop navigates through history.

Apparently a title has been suggested: ‘The Man Who Would Be Kingsman.’ A direct reference to the famous Michael Caine, Sean Connery movie The Man Who Would Be King.

If that wasn’t enough a direct sequel to Kingsman: The Golden Circle is also in the works with Vaughn currently penning the script which will continue the relationship between Eggsy, (Taron Egerton), and Harry, (Colin Firth). Filming it’s due to start on Kingsman 3 after the prequel is done and dusted. Breathless stuff.

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