Whedon For Avengers 2. Affleck For Justice League? A Batman Reboot?

So it was officially announced yesterday that Joss Whedon will write and direct the sequel to The Avengers. Great news for fans of the first film which proved a huge success at the box office, it raked in over $1.5 billion worldwide. Marvel Studios also announced that Whedon will helm a live-action TV series at ABC dealing with Marvel properties. Details on the series are being kept tightly underwraps. A possible reboot of The Incredible Hulk?

Almost in a counter-move Warner Bros announced that Ben Affleck has been approached to direct the much anticipated Justice League movie. A script has been written by Will Beall, (who has also written screenplays for the remake of Logans Run and Leathal Weapon 5), and has been passed onto Affleck, but why on earth would this news be of any interest or significance to SPR&R? There hasn’t been any kind of mainstream Justice League movie before, therefore a sequel or reboot is out of the question.

Well, the daredevil lies in the detail, (see what we did there?). If Affleck accepts the job this might mean a possible reboot of Batman in the not so distant future as DC are absolutely desperate to get the ball rolling on this project, especially after the huge success of the Avengers movie. One of the key characters in the Justice League is Batman and following Christopher Nolan’s announcement that he’s finished making Dark Knight movies fans have been in a froth speculating when a reboot of the franchise will be, before or after the Justice League movie.

Website Cosmic Book News is reporting that 2016 may be a possible date for such a reboot and that rumours are abound that the film would simply be called The Batman and would feature the Dark Knight as he enters into his second year as a crime fighting hero. One thing is for sure, it’s a waiting game right now.

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