Beverly Hills Cop – The TV Series.

It looks like all the talk of yet another Beverly Hills Cop movie has been just that, as any plans for a fourth movie look like they’ve been shelved in favour for a TV series.

At first mention this idea doesn’t really seem to ignite any excitement as an extension of the much loved franchise, especially when it will apparently be produced by Eddie Murphy himself.
What is interesting is that the creator of the critically acclaimed police drama The Shield, Shawn Ryan will co-produce the TV series which will mainly revolve around the exploits of Axel Foley’s son, who will no doubt have inherited his father’s witty one liners, outrageous laugh and an uncanny ability to thwart career criminals.

According to Murphy the series will also see the original character of Axel coping with his new position of Chief of Police of Detroit, which means cameos aplenty for Murphy throughout the series.Murphy and Ryan are currently shopping the idea to TV networks.

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