Monster Squad 2 Is Only A Matter Of Time.

Rob Cohen, who served as producer on the 1987 cult movie Monster Squad, has revealed in a recent interview that a script for a sequel has been sitting in post development hell, waiting to be picked up.

Speaking to movie website Coming Soon, the 63 year-old explained that the script has been polished and finished for some time:

 ”…It’s sitting at Paramount. It’s a great script. I’ve been kicking them. Michael Bay has been kicking them. They don’t roll over… I don’t understand it. I’m hoping that one day we just get a call that they’ve finally seen the light of day.”

“The biggest audience we can get is young males between 12 and 16. What do you have that’s for young males between 12 and 16?’ Somebody says, ”Monster Squad’! Let’s do it! Let’s do ‘Monster Squad’!’ It’s that crazy.”

(via Coming Soon)

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