No Drive Sequel, But Spin-Off Might Happen.

For those of you who fell in love with Nicolas Winding Refn’s movie Drive last year you may be somewhat heartbroken to find out plans for a sequel are now pretty much over, after confirmation from the director. But don’t get too despondent as Ryan Gosling may still be donning the gold scorpion jacket in the near future.

Speaking to a newspaper this week Refn explained that the character might return in a separate film entirely, a cameo appearance of sorts but this doesn’t really make much sense as earlier this year author James Sallis, whose book, (of the same name), the movie was based upon revealed that his sequel Driven was being developed into a movie.

So which is it? A sequel or a spin-off? It’s possible a sequel could be made adapting the book Driven, but without Refn and Gosling’s participation it would seriously call into question the entire notion of it being an official sequel.

(via The Burnley Citizen)

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