Disney Plan To Remake Condorman.

I’m actually old enough to remember the release of Condorman, starring 70s British TV icon Michael Crawford, in the days before he went on to secure world wide fame as The Phantom Of The Opera. I recall I was entertained by the movie, but watching it again many years later I realised two things; 1) The film itself is bloody awful and 2) I must have been a heavily medicated child.

Condorman is a dreadful film, no bones about it, yes it’s so awful it managed to garner a cult following, but even at it’s very best it still stinks to high heaven and now Disney are planning a remake, even though it tanked at the box office back in 1981.

Fans of the original will be pleased to know the initial plot won’t change, it’ll still be about a cartoonist who morphs into one of his superhero creations to help a sexy, female KGB agent defect to the West on behalf of the CIA. Twilight star Robert Pattinson has been rumoured for lead role and, if this is to be believed, Disney are eyeing a move for the character of Condorman to be somehow folded into the already well established Marvel movie universe. This just has ‘success‘ written all over it.

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