Bruce Campbell Sells The New Evil Dead.

If, like me, you were a tad underwhelmed with the leaked trailer of the Evil Dead remake then allow the star of the original, Bruce Campbell, to change your mind.

He confirmed during an interview at New York Comic-Con that there will be no witty one liners and the character of Ash will be absent too. Instead the remake will be played without any laughs and will focus more on the scares. Which is great news for gore hounds and die-hard fans of horror.

Personally speaking I’m still not sure about this one, the dark humour which was prevalent in all three Evil Dead movies, (more so The Army Of Darkness), was pretty much a major draw for audiences. I understand that any actor trying to emulate Campbell’s iconic, elastic faced character would be under immense pressure and scrutiny and more likely to fail with fans, who firmly believe there will only be one Ash. Which begs the question, why remake the movie at all?

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