Star Wars Rumours Everywhere.

I don’t know what the world is coming to. You leave for a couple of days on holiday and when you return all hell has broke loose. I’m talking of course about Disney’s purchase of all things Lucas. By now you’re probably familiar with the news that Disney plan to release a brand new trilogy of Star Wars movies, the first being pencilled in for 2015, but there’s more to it than just that.

Apparently if the rumours on the Internet are to be believed Lucas had a secret dinner with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hammil to inform them of the impending buy out a year ago and also to give them a heads-up for the plans Disney had in the pipeline. There’s also a rumour that Harrison Ford has agreed to reprise his role as Han Solo, which runs in line with Lucas and his secret dinner. Are all three stars preparing to return as their original characters?

Another bit of gossip concerning the Star Wars saga, (see what i did there?), is that director Matthew Vaughn dumped his lensing duties for X-Men: Days Of Future Past because Disney offered him the job of directing the new Star Wars movie.

Of course all of this is pure hearsay at this moment. But the mere prospect of an aging Han Solo flying the skies once more with Chewy has me pitching a tent in my Boba Fett onesie.

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