Jumanji Remake Gets Green Light.

Whether you like it or not you’re going to get a Hollywood remake of the 1995 fantasy adventure Jumanji.

It’s been confirmed that Zach Helm, (Stranger Than Fiction), is to pen the script for Columbia Pictures and Matt Tolmach, who recently gave us the mixed bag that was The Amazing Spiderman, is set to produce.

Apparently a ‘re-imagining’, whatever that means, is the official plan for the movie which will be updated for today’s audiences. Hopefully they’ll keep the main body of the original in place which dealt with two children discovering a mysterious board game, which releases a strange man who has been trapped in there since he was a small boy. Upon playing the game they inadvertently release all sorts of wild animals and characters and high-jinx ensue. Pretty much like Jon Favreau’s 2005 fantasy movie Zathura…but with added Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst.

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