Luke Evans Will Be The Crow.


Another day, another post about casting for The Crow reboot. Once there was Tom Hiddleston, then there was Alexander Skarsgard but now it seems that actor Luke Evans has now been cast for the role of Eric Draven.

One of his previous films was the 2012 flick The Raven and now he’s set to star in The Crow, no official word if he plans to star in the remake of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull or Hitchcock’s The Birds. I’m here all day, try the veal.

Speaking out for the first time about his new role the Immortals and Clash Of The Titans star said:

“It’s going to be great, it’s a brilliant film and it was poignant for my generation.  Brandon Lee’s performance was solid and emotionally connected.  The whole storyline is incredibly powerful.  It was 20 years ago, a long time ago.  This one deserves a reboot, there are many things that are rebooted, but this one is a fantastic story, which is why there is a cult attachment to it.  It deserves to have a fresh pair of eyes on it.  Javier has powerful work, he’s really special.  We’ve been talking quite a while about the choices we’re going to make.  It’s going to be cool to have a new generation check out The Crow.”

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