Writers Hired For Beverley Hills Cop 4.

A while back I reported that Shawn Ryan, the man behind the ultra successful TV series The Shield, had pitched producers an idea for a Beverley Hills Cop television series. Interest was shown as the plot was to centre around Axel Foyley’s son who decides to follow his father into law enforcement and under the guidance of Foyley, now a senior police officer, the pair would fight Beverley Hills based crime together.

Apparently interest was relatively short in this project as it’s now being reported that instead of a TV series there’s to be a full blown fourth installment of the movie franchise with Paramount hiring Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), to write the first draft script.

No word yet on a director, or whether Shawn Ryan’s idea of pairing Foyley up with his son will  survive the transition from TV pitch to movie screen. We shall have to wait and see.

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