Rocky Spin-Off Movie Creed In The Works.

Movie website Deadline is reporting that MGM have announced plans that a Rocky spin-off/reboot is now underway entitled Creed.

According to reports the studio are moving ahead with the project following an ideas pitch by writer director Ryan Coogler, (Fruitvale Station), who wants the movie to centre around Apollo Creed’s grandson who decides to slide the gloves on and step into the ring and follow his grandfather’s footsteps by embarking on a career in boxing. The nifty spin will be that Rocky Balboa takes up the role as his trainer.

Not sure what to think of this, sounds like a blatant career vehicle for Coogler with very little expansion or progression for the Rocky franchise…Ha! Who am I f**king kidding, there have been six Rocky films so far and the franchise is about as strong as diluting juice. (Deadline)

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