TrollHunter set for Neil Marshall Remake.

Who’s Neil Marshall I hear you uneducated and profoundly ignorant people ask? Well he’s the director who gave us Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Doomsday and also directed a stand-out episode of Game Of Thrones entitled Blackwater. He’s like Britain’s answer to John Carpenter.

Now it seems Marshall is turning his attentions away from TV, where he’s been directing another episode of Game Of Thrones and working on Michael’s Bay new pirate drama series, to focus on a remake of the 2011 Norwegian cult hit Trollhunter.

The original, which was one of the better films of 2011, dealt with a group of students trying to de-bunk a troll myth in the Norwegian woods, following a spate of animal killings. They happen upon a gruff individual who through the course of the movie reveals himself to be a dedicated expert troll hunter and hilarity ensues.

Marshall has revealed the budget for the remake will be only $25m and will shoot some time next year. Wonder if he’ll set it in Scotland?

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