Olympus Has Fallen Again. Can’t Stand Up.


I haven’t personally yet seen the movie Olympus Has Fallen for two simple reasons: 1. It’s probably shit and 2. It most definitely will be shit. But hey, who am I to criticise and pass judgement as Hollywood has just officially announced a sequel will now enter into development.

Apparently the original cast are to re-group, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman, (SPOILER ALERT: Gerry Butler survives), for London Has Fallen. That’s right the sequel is to take place in Blighty’s capital city and will no doubt feature some insane action set piece involving a red double decker bus and legions of cheeky cockney chappies, who will all sound like Jason Statham and Dick Van Dyke.

“Cor Blimey Gov, it’s bloody terrorist attack…cuppa tea?”

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