Ridley Scott Confirms Blade Runner and Prometheus Sequels.

Director Ridley Scott decided to drop a cargo crate of information regarding Prometheus 2 and the Blade Runner sequel recently, during an interview with Empire magazine.

According to Scott, writer Damon Lindelof will no longer play any part in the development of Prometheus 2 and instead Transcendence writer Jack Paglen has been hired instead.

Regarding the news of a possible Blade Runner follw-up Scott confirmed that work has officially started on the project and that it will happen ‘sooner rather than later’. A surprising revelation is that writer Hampton Fancher has been hired to pen the script, the man responsible for writing the original Blade Runner script back in 1982, but who subsequently had disagreements with Scott over the direction of the movie and was replaced with writer David Peoples.

Head over to Empire for the full interview.

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