Three New Sin City 2 Images.

aa sp sin 2

With very little recent information about Robert Rodriguez’s sequel to his original Sin City movie, (which is nearly ten whole years ago), it is with much welcome relief that we are provided with these three tasty snaps of the forthcoming Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

As you can see Jessica Alba reprises her role as exotic dancer Nancy Callahan and Mickey Rourke returns to play steel-like Marv and there’s the inclusion of a new cast member to the monochromatic madness and degradation, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will flesh out Johnny, a smart-arse gambler who manages to win against the wrong guy. Not pictured is Ray Liotta, Jeremy Piven and Dennis Haysbert who all have roles in the sequel.

aa sp sin 3


aa sp sin 1

Frank Miller, whose books the Sin City movies are based upon, will once again assume co-directing duties and other original cast members such as Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, Jamie King will all return


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