There’s To Be A Raid Remake.

aa sp raid 2

In news which shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise Hollywood are gearing up to remake Gareth Evans’s 2011 action thriller The Raid: Redemption. Why? Well because the original wasn’t American and those subtitles got in the way of watching all that high-octane, dialogue free action.

Two interesting elements about this announcement are that Evans himself will serve as an executive producer on the remake, (the original fight choreographers have been hired too), and later this month The Raid 2 goes on general release. So a remake for a film less than three years old gets the greenlight, right before it’s sequel hits cinemas. According to Internet rumours The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes has agreed to direct and Out Of The Furnace writer Brad Ingelsby will be penning the script.

Here’s an idea how about Hollywood just hands Evans a wad of cash to remake his original property in the States and see what kind of amazing badassery the director delivers. Just a thought.



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