300: Rise Of An Empire – Twitter Reviews.

So the sequel to the highly successful Zack Snyder film 300 officially opens for business in the UK today, last night Stateside it managed to rake in an impressive $3.3m of box office receipts. Is spending close to two hours sitting on your arse watching semi-nude beef cakes sweat in slow motion your idea of fun?

Well here’s what Twitter has been saying about 300: Rise Of An Empire:

@JohnFlickster said: Method for reviewing 300 Rise of an Empire. Get a haircut, Hit the gym, Scream like King Leonidas, Watch movie and then review it…

@kc_brovlawski said: Been waiting too long for the sequel to 300, and I must say, Rise of an Empire is fucking sick.

@thereaderfilm said: 300: Rise of an Empire has it all: hunchbacks throwing fire, CGI blood painting, and hate sex.

@CoralDeVille said: Just seen 300 Rise of an Empire. Meh.

@itsmissrisss said: 300: Rise of an Empire was disappointing. Pompeii > that nonsense.

@TreHOV said: 300: Rise of an Empire was fuckin awesome in 3D !! Could feel the blood splatter on my face lol.

@colliderfrosty said: if you’re going to see 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE make sure to see it in IMAX 3D. It’s worth it. The 3D is really good.

@BoltonTerrier said: gave the film “300: Rise of an Empire” a rating of 8/10 on #IMDb If you liked the first one,you’ll like this and Eva Green gets her jugs out.

@StanfordBlues said: 300 RISE OF AN EMPIRE is bleddy fun. Stupid, cheesy , sexy bloody-fun. Eva Green and Lena Headey pack more bosom than poor man’s G.Butler.

So there you have it a mixed bag, some like it, some hate it and ‘Meh’. Sticking with a social media review of the film there’s this Facebook rant and response currently doing the rounds, which we felt compelled to include. Enjoy:

aa sp 300 2

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