Sony Slashing Forward With A Zorro Reboot.

zorro gif

Ever since Christopher Nolan took the superhero property Batman and gave it a more realistic, gritty adaptation movie studios have been sifting through their back catalogues of titles to find the next Dark Knight. Now it seems Sony have stepped up to the plate and are offering Zorro as one such possible franchise, which could benefit from a gutsy Nolanesque reboot.

According to movie website Deadline, playwright Chris Boal has been hired by Sony Pictures to pen the reboot script. Of course there’s massive potential for Zorro after all the original character, created in 1919, is arguably one of the original masked anti-heroes, much like Bruce Wayne himself and the theme of a man battling against corrupt political forces to protect the poor and vulnerable would be perfectly placed for today’s audiences. It’s just a tad ironic that Zorro was the inspiration behind Bob Kane’s original Batman and now things have come full circle, (as Rust Cohle would say), with the snake ready to eat it’s own tale.

N.B. – Television execs thought that the development of Zorro into a TV series with a futuristic twist would be a sure-fire ratings winner. Unfortunately, as you can see, the idea never made it past the pilot.

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