Director Found For Scarface Reboot.


Universal recently announced that a director has been found who will take directorial duties over the planned reboot of Scarface.

Just in case you didn’t already know the 80’s classic directed by Brian De Palma and starring Al Pacino was also a remake of the original Scarface which was directed by Howard Hawks back in 1932. In the first movie the main protagonist was an Italian immigrant, (played by Paul Muni), in Chicago, doing what all gangsters do best slaying those in his path to reach the pinnacle of power. Fast forward to 1983 and Pacino’s take on the same character was a Cuban immigrant in Miami, dealing drugs, chainsawing people in showers and introducing unwelcome guests to his ‘little friend.’

Over 30 years later Universal feels it’s time for a modern reboot, (I’m quite sure ‘gritty‘ will be used at some point to describe this project), with Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain at the helm with a plot involving a Mexican immigrant’s rise through the crime ranks in America. No word on a lead actor for this iconic role but considering the recent success of crime TV dramas such as Breaking Bad and the current political climate surrounding Mexico and it’s on-going drugs war, this reboot could prove a huge success with audiences.

It’s funny first there was an Italian gangster in Chicago, a Cuban gangster in Miami and now a Mexican gangster probably situated in the dusty plains of Arizona or Texas, just seems to remind me of a certain infamous gaming franchise.


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