Sam Raimi To Reboot The Grudge.


Back in 2004 Sarah Michelle Gellar, fresh from Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame, signed on to star in a remake of Japanese horror movie (Ju-Un: The Grudge, simply re-titled The Grudge. The movie was being produced by horror master Sam Raimi, through his production company Ghost House Pictures.

With just a meagre budget of only $10m the remake raked in box office receipts worth over $187m, a staggering profit for any production. The enormous success of the movie spawned two lesser sequels released in 2006 and then 2009.

This takes us up to the present with a slightly bizarre announcement from Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures that a planned reboot of the 2004 remake is now underway. Details are sketchy and there’s no word on who will lead the cast but the script will be written by Jeff Buhler, (Midnight Meat Train), and will once again be produced by Raimi.



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