Paul Walker Will Feature In Fast 7.


Following the tragic events of last year which ended in the untimely demise of actor Paul Walker large sections of Fast & Furious fans have been wringing their hands in concern, over the future of the movie franchise…you know, cos the show must go on and all that shit!

Walker was in the middle of shooting Fast & Furious 7 when he was killed in a car crash back in November and understandably production on the movie came to an abrupt halt. There was even speculation that the franchise was finished as one of it’s two main players was now gone. But when there’s a cash cow to be milked you can be sure Hollywood will be there with a big old pail and so shooting continued and the movie’s release was delayed until 2015.

Now it’s been announced that Walker’s character Brian O’Conner will remain in the film, not recast with another actor as originally believed, but instead Universal have hired four actors with very close similarities to Walker’s build and looks who will be used for behavioural movement and Walker’s face and voice will be used over the top of the actor’s bodies by the nifty use of CGI.

I would imagine this would give the studio the opportunity to write Walker’s character out of the franchise giving him the character send off he deserves.


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