Sofia Coppola To Remake The Little Mermaid.

little mermaid

Before all you Ariel fans rush out to buy a trident to stop this remake from happening there’s a couple of important things you should know, firstly Disney will have nothing to do with this remake and secondly it won’t be animated. That’s right, this remake will be live-action.

Movie website Deadline is reporting that director Sofia Coppola, (Lost In Translation, The Bling Ring), will generate an altogether more faithful adaptation of the original Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, which readers will know isn’t exactly the feel good story the animated version had us all believe. With the prospect of a dark, live-action fairy tale it’s good to know that Caroline Thomas has been secured to write the script, her previous titles have included  Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Just don’t expect any jaunty musical numbers or singing lobsters.


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