Bradley Cooper Might Be Your New Indiana Jones.

indy pic

In news that no self-respecting Indiana Jones fan ever wants to hear, Hollywood may be getting ready to replace Harrison Ford with Bradley Cooper in a fresh reboot of the beloved franchise.

To be fair Ford is now 71 years old and even though he’s publicly stated he’s still interested in doing a fifth film there’s only so much belief you can suspend in watching a septuagenarian ride a horse and crash through walls. The rumour of Cooper’s casting comes from movie website Latino Review, who also broke the news the actor was to voice Rocket Racoon in the forthcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, months before it was officially confirmed. They are also reporting that Disney, who now own the franchise, have a particular date set for Indy 5 and if production doesn’t get underway by then the next course of action will be a complete reboot and a re-casting.

The only saving grace in this development is news that Frank Darabont, whose script for Indy 4 was famously rejected by George Lucas even though it was infinitely better than the one he finally shot, has pitched a script for the new movie.


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