Tucker & Dale Will Face Evil Once More.


I have yet to watch the horror comedy Tucker & Dale Vs Evil but it comes highly recommended from a number of sources. It’s essentially about two guys who go on vacation to their mountain retreat only to be mistakenly confused for murdering hill-billies by a bunch of pretentious college kids. The film never received any theatrical release but has spawned a cult following and now there’s to be a sequel.

The official announcement was actually made by actors Tyler Labine,( Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Repear), and Alan Tudyk, (Firefly, A Knight’s Tale) while speaking to fans at this year’s Horrorhound festival in Cincinnati. The entire affair was kindly caught on camera by the guys over at Bigger Show, which you can watch below.

No word on who will direct and what the plot of the sequel will be about but fans of the original I’m sure will be excited at this unexpected news.

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