Director ‘Locked’ In For Karate Kid 2.


Ho! The only way you’d ever get anyone to direct Karate Kid 2 would be if you locked some poor bastard in. Am I right?

Sony Pictures have announced that Breck Eisner, (The Crazies, Sahara), will now direct a sequel to the 2010 reboot of the franchise and yes your fears have been further realised with the confirmation that Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith will reprise his role of Dre Parker.

Movie website Deadline is reporting the following:

 It is an important film for the studio that has placed a premium in the care and feeding of franchises with global appeal. The original 1984 Karate Kid is a beloved film, but let’s face it, that crane deal at the end would never have worked, and this kid is way more believable as a martial artist.

Well that’s that then let’s be honest the only thing about the original movie that interrupted by suspension of belief was that Crane move at the end, regardless of the fact that some dweeby, awkward geek was turned into a full kick-ass ninja by an old janitor who liked to paint fences.

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