Gordon’s Alive! Flash Gordon Reboot In Pipeline.

giphy (1)

Let’s be clear about something before we continue. The 1980 Mike Hodge’s version of Flash Gordon is as camp as Christmas and for an adaptation is probably a million intergalactic miles away from the original Alex Raymond vision of the 30s. That being said it remains a cult classic and a personal favourite of mine.

Just like most movies which seem to have a 20 year Best Before date Flash Gordon is the latest, in a long line of established titles, being considered for a reboot. Movie website Film Divider is reporting that screenwriters JD Payne and Patrick McKay have already been hired to write the script. Why is their claimed involvement important? Well they were recently contracted by J.J. Abrams’ production company Bad Robot to pen the screenplay for the third Star Trek movie and if Abrams is confident of their sci-fi genre writing talents, then they might be the right men for Flash Gordon job.

I’m going to stick my head out here and state that in the coming months I’d be very surprised if this new Flash Gordon reboot doesn’t head in the all to familair direction of ‘more gritty’, which to be fair in this particular case wouldn’t be unjustified.




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