Timecop Reboot Will Be…Yes, You Guessed It…’Gritty’.


News on the proposed Timecop reboot has been rather stale of late but one significant development which pulls the project back into frame is the hiring of cousins Mark and Brian Gunn to pen the script.

With two writers actively now scrawling out words onto paper ostensibly means this reboot is moving forward and just like before there is nothing you nor I can do to stop this madness. The Gunn cousins are also currently responsible for the MacGyver reboot script and The Monster Squad reboot script, (these boys love themselves a reboot), not to mention writing credits for the sequel to Journey To The Center Of The Earth and are also working on the third one too.

While the original movie, released back in 1994 starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Ferris Bueller’s bird and that bad guy from that Jamie Lee Curtis movie about a cop who loses her gun, was an extremely underrated Sci-Fi romp, today’s audiences are a different breed. They yearn for their reboots and remakes to have something extra, something a little more gritty. Good news then for today’s mouth-breathing audiences as The Hollywood Reporter is claiming the reboot will have a metric ton of grit.

“The first movie had the sci-fi elements very much in the foreground; however, this version of Timecop is a more gritty and grounded police story with the sci-fi in the background, though it will still have the main character on a personal journey.

Tonally it could end up sharing a similar sensibility to Looper, Rian Johnson’s time travel movie, but would be bigger in scope and ambition”

The only way this news could be any better would be if they decide to shoot it for IMAX and make it in 3-D. Am I right?


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