Butler Drops Out Of Point Break Remake.

break 7

With just less than a month before cameras were due to roll on the most unneccessary remake in movie history, Scots actor Gerard Butler has dropped out of Point Break, apparently creative differences and a scheduling conflict are to blame, according to various sources. Creative differences? The man starred in Movie 43!

Butler was due to fill the role of testosterone-fuelled, surfing, bank robber Bodhi, originally played by the late Patrick Swayze, alongside actor Luke Bracey who is playing FBI agent Johnny Utah. The bad news for fans of the original, (myself included), is that filming will continue with a hunt now on to replace Butler, after all they have a script and a budget so why the f**k not.

Although production company Alcon haven’t released an official statement yet it’s pretty much assumed that the big question now is who will fill the role of Bodhi. First obvious suggestion would be Matthew McConaughey, but on the back of winning his Oscar for Dallas Buyer’s Club the last thing this mega-star wants on his docket is a redundant remake. So who will replace Butler? Allow SPR&R to offer up a few suggestions:

Joe Manganiello in True Blood Episode 6.01

Joe Manganiello – Star of True Blood and Magic Mike certainly has the physique for the role and would draw in a few female fans too.

break 3

Nicolas Cage – A perfect fit for the zen buddhist bank robber. Just imagine the kind of manic weirdness Cage would bring to this role.

break 5

Josh Lucas – He looks like Matthew McConaughey.

break 6

Jason ‘Fackin’ Statham – ’90 fackin’ seconds Johnny. That’s fackin’ all I fackin’ ask for, just 90 fackin’ seconds of your life Johnny, that’s it, ya cant!’

break 4

Sting – It’s as if he was born to play this role.

break 2

Robbie Coltrane – Wild card choice.

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