Rebel Wilson Is Your New Pvt Benjamin.


Back in 1980 actress Goldie Hawn propelled her career by starring in a quirky, military based comedy called Private Benjamin. It told the story of Judy Benjamin, a wealthy socialite, who enjoys the finer things in life who accidentally finds herself plunged into the army as a recruit after some confusion following her husband’s sudden death.

It was a massive success, breaking box office records at the time and spawning a short-lived TV series, Goldie Hawn was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress. Pretty much a big, resounding success from everyone involved with the movie which still has a firm cult following today. Hurrah!

Which unfortunately brings me to the news that Private Benjamin is now to  be remade with comedic actress Rebel Wilson, (Pain & Gain, Bridesmaids), in the lead role. This time instead of a prudish, wealthy housewife Rebel’s Private Benjamin will be a ‘redneck‘ who along with a city girl sign-up to the army to escape the lives they have at home. Back in March 2010 it was announced that Anna Faris, (Scary Movie, The House Bunny), had been cast in the role and not long after that the project slipped into development hell. However with the news that Rebel Wilson is to replace her the project seems to be back on track, yet no director has been announced yet.

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