Trailer For Gotham Looks Very Prequely.

Here’s the trailer for Gotham, the much anticipated Batman prequel TV series created by Bruno Heller, who also brought us Rome and The Mentalist.

Fox are pinning a lot of hop onto this ambitious project which charts the early years of Detective James Gordon, played by Ben McKenzie working for the Gotham City Police Department solving crime alongside his partner Harvey Bullock, (Donal Logue). It’s not long before the two are assigned to solve the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, (see where this is going?), leaving their only son Bruce an orphan, where Gordon forms a friendship with the boy as his investigation continues.

The series promises to feature the origin stories of Gotham’s famous villains, such as Selina Kyle, (Catwoman), and Oswald Cobblepot, (The Penguin), with many more popping up along the way. Gotham is due to feature on your wee screen later this year.


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