‘This Is Us’ Sequel Planned For One Direction.

Director Morgan Spurlock, (Super Size Me, Where In The World Is Osama Bin Laden), has confirmed that there will now be a sequel to last year’s outrageously successful 3-D concert film One Direstion: This Is Us.

Spurlock who directed the original will once more pick up his megaphone for the sequel and revvealed in a recent interview that work has already started with producer Ben Winston currently touring with the band on thier ‘Where We Are’ tour, recording footage which will be used in the sequel.

Yes, if you’re not a 16 year-old girl it’s easy to roll your eyes and mutter some obscenities at this news but it makes perfect sense from a business perspective to produce a sequel when the original cost only $10m to make and raked in just under $70m in box office reciepts, coupled with the fact that the DVD release broke UK records by shifting more than 170,000 copies on its first day of release.

There’s been no official word on a release date but it would be a safe bet the film will be yet another 3-D concert movie.


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