Stargate Reboot To Get Three New Movies.


Not content with his shock announcement of furthering the Indpendence Day franchise director Roland Emmerich has now let slip there’s to be a brand new trilogy of Stargate movies.

It’s understood Emmerich is to be reunited m with co-producer and writer of the original Stargate movie Dean Devlin for three new films which will ‘reimagine’ the original 1994 presentation, with MGM and Warner Bros completely backing the trilogy.

No official word yet if the new films will disregard the mythology centred around the Stargate TV series or if they will just pick up where the original left off. One thing’s for sure with a Stargate reboot and and Independence Day sequel looming on the horizon Roland Emmerich’s plate seems pretty full.




2 Comments on Stargate Reboot To Get Three New Movies.

  1. ZOMG! For real?! My inner nerd is having a celebratory dance party right now.

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