Steven Seagal Wants To Make Under Siege 3.

I don’t actually remember going to my local cinema to see Steven Seagal in Under Siege in 1992, but I did. One thing I can specifically recall was the time I spent money to watch the sequel, which for various reasons has remained a fond memory, mainly due to the ridiculous scene above.

The single most unintentionally hilarious film I think I’ve ever seen. By all accounts Under Siege 2: Dark Territory was panned by critics even though it made over $100m on the back of a $60m budget and now it’s star Steven Seagal has announced he wants to write and direct a third movie 19 years later. The Hollywood actor revealed his intentions recently when he was interviewed by the Big Issue, he explained that the third Siege movie should be set in Russia:

“I think that America and Russia should be great allies and great friends. And can be. What I want to do is write a movie, which I’ve sort of already done, where Russian special forces and American special forces work together to combat terrorism…the only way for us to prosper as a human race is for us to get along. There are hundreds of millions of people that want that”.

Tragically for Steven there aren’t hundreds of millions of people who want to see a third Under Siege movie. but if there’s one 62 year-old action movie buddhist superstar to bring the human race together through violent movies, then you can be sure it’s Steven Seagal

(via The Big Issue)


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