Gremlins 3 Is Gearing Up To Be A Remake.


Ever since I heard the news that Joe Dante’s legendary cult classic Gremlins was being eyed by Hollywood as a possible property fit for expansion, I feared they’d be making plans for a remake rather than a sequel and now it seems my fears have been confirmed.

Let me just say that there is nothing about Dante’s 1984 comedy horror classic which needs remade, retouched or rebooted in any fashion whatsoever. A sequel mining the original mythology would be a far more appropriate and altogether satisfying inclusion to the franchise, rather than a movie which is now being reported to ‘include story elements of the original movie marking it out as a remake rather than a sequel.’

This horrifying announcement came this week after Film Divider reported that a pitch for Gremlins 3 was successfully made to Warner Bros by Morgan Jurgenson, (Tucker & Dale Vs Evil), and Alex Ankeles, (Subdivision), which apparently received the approval of Christopher Columbus who wrote the original Gremlins screenplay. Rumour has it pretty much everything is in place the only thing left is an approving from Steven Spielberg before the remake gets the green light.

But how can it be titled Gremlins 3 when it’s obviously going to be a remake? The crazy, mixed-up world we live in.

(via Film Divider)




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  1. // November 13, 2015 at 8:25 pm // Reply

    Gremlins 3, set in China. Shows the origin of Gremlins, with the story being about ancient ancestors of Gizmo. Magwai were secret, but multiple.. peaceful. A curse placed on them because of Gizmo’s family caused the birth of the Gremlin. The curse is most likely from a dragon king or something. Probably because he wanted a Mogwai for a pet but some Chinese dude say “Nay”. So now this story can have Samurai, ninjas, gremlins, comedy, and tell the tale of Gizmo to date. Don’t make a sh!tty reboot as this story is already so much better.

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