Chris Columbus Lined Up For Both Gremlins & The Goonies.


By now if you’re one of the two people who frequently reads this site you’ll know that a Gremlins remake, (or more specifically according to new reports a Gremlins reboot set 30 years after the original) and a Goonies sequel are currently in the Hollywood torpedo tubes. Obviously it’s early days yet in regards to official cast and director announcements for both projects but it appears writer/director Chris Columbus may have nailed his colours to both masts.

Slashfilm are reporting that Columbus, most notable for directing Home Alone and two Harry Potter movies, may be gearing himself up to flesh out the role of producer on both projects, which is an interesting move when you consider he wrote the screenplay for both the original Gremlins and Goonies movies.

According to Richard Donner, who is insistant a Goonies sequel is happening and that he’ll direct it himself, Columbus will re-team with Steven Spielberg who served as producer on the original, but unfortunately a re-teaming of Columbus with Gremlins director Joe Dante doesn’t look likely, which in my own personal opinion is a massive disappointment.

For more details on this story Slashfilm has more.


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