There May Be Three Lego Movie Sequels On The Way.


Yesterday was a bit crazy regarding Warner Brothers schedule announcement for future projects with most of the Internet focusing on the 10 unnamed DC Comics movies which fills the calendar right up until 2020 and the rumour that two other untitled scheduled films could be two sequels for the Harry Potter spin-off Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them,. But one nugget of information which seemed to bypass everyone was the suggestion that there could be not one but three possible sequels planned for The Lego Movie.

With The Lego Movie 2 already confirmed for a release date of May 26th, 2017, Warner Brothers has outlined two dates, May 25th, 2018 and May 24th, 2019 for two untitled animated movies, it’s rumoured that these dates will be for The Lego Movie 3 and 4 which means the studio has every intention of capitalizing on the outrageous success of the original movie which was made for $60m and raked in $468m in international box office takings. Considering that Warner Brothers have a very weak roster when it comes to animated movies this looks like a move which would establish a solid franchise for the property.

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